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Bear Hunting Magazine
Jordon L. Vaughan is featured in the the 2021 November/December issue of Bear Hunting Magazine. In his article "The Price of Entry" he explores the costs incurred by a first time hunter.
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No Good Son
Mike is back in Seattle after a year a spent in hiding. An ex-thief, he returned home intending to make up for his past. On his first day back, he found his brother and former partner lead astray by someone who has connections to all the wrong people. After a run in with one of Seattle's most notorious families Mike must return to his old ways to try and save his brother from the depths of Seattle’s underworld.
No Good Son is a thrill ride through Seattle that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.
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"The plot is solid and the pacing is good. I loved the characters and found them to be well developed and multi-faceted. The dialogue and inner monologue ring true and flows smoothly. The conflict and action scenes are well written and thought out and the plot takes a surprising turn which I didn’t see coming."

-Lina Rochelle of Cover2Cover

"If you are looking for action in a book then you need to read this one. The author managed to squeeze so much action packed events and character development into such a short book that I must applaud him for that. Amazing."

-P.K. of Brotherhood of the Book

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