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No Good Son


A man brought to his knees by a single mistake.


Mike is back in Seattle after a year and a half spent in hiding. An ex-thief, he returned home to change his life… at least that was his plan. On his first day back, he found his brother Jarrod lead astray by someone he knows isn't to be trusted, someone who has connections to all the wrong people. After a run in with one of Seattle's most notorious families Mike must return to his old ways to try and save his brother and the woman he loves from the depths of Seattle’s underworld.

The Root of Esau


Every North American culture has given it a name. For centuries its legend has haunted every one of its forested landscapes without ever giving solid proof of its existence. For Jeremy and his friend Ryan the legends, this “myth” has taken on a whole new meaning. They have learned its two most important secrets, its origin and its purpose…and they wished like everything that they hadn’t.Two days ago, a Native American man arrived at Jeremy’s doorstep and made an obscure reference to one of Jeremy’s ancestors; the first of his family to see the Americas. The man asked for help. He wanted Jeremy to rush off into the dark places of the Pacific Northwest and help him rescue a boy trapped by an evil Jeremy didn’t know existed. Opening that door was a turning point, a crossroad in Jeremy’s life that has left him tumbling into a hell he wasn’t prepared for.


Lutheran Audio Review


Your easy to use guide to online Christian audio.


Written for print and for, for those who listen to podcast this is an easy to use guide. Reviews and links to 38 Christian podcasts and two Lutheran internet radio stations. Good, Christian audio is out there, Lutheran Audio Review is here to help you find it.

Reviews feature:


Christ-centered devotions

Biblical teaching and lectures

Hosts reading through the Bible

Christian question and answer

Current events that affect your faith

Christian discernment

Campus Ministry, Theological game shows and more…

All podcasts are hosted by pastors, members and/or partners of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

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